Wow, you've ended up on my landing page. Well done you!


As I spend far too much of my time writing music, playing games and  fixing old computers/consoles, it was inevitable that I'd throw together some sort of website to show all 3 of you what I do.


By the way, this website is a work in progress. The last time I did anything close to this was a bbs way back in 1472. Just after dinner, but before Eastenders.

Back Story... Shortly after the earth cooled...


My name is Nathan Davino, aka Kaotique, aka MyBlueFunk, aka Ballistique.


My first computer was a Commodore 64, second was an Amiga 500, third was an Amiga 1200.... The list went on untill I finally switched  to a PC permanently'ish in 1997.


Bipolar , and a thing called disorderThanks to being a bit mental, I have ebay. I have managed to fill my studio with all kinds of vintage computer goodness.   I'm working on the "Collection" page, it will be up soon.


I began writing music on my C64 way back in 1988, then onto the Amiga using NoiseTrack before moving to Impulse Tracker on the PC. 


I'm currently writing 8bit style music for YouTube retro computer channels and working on a new album.

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